Who We Are

Who We Are In an effort to improve the quality of veterinary medical information delivered in the public media, the American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ) was formed to provide certification of veterinary contributors to public media as well as lend extraordinary credibility and confidence to both producers and editors of media programs and publications.

This organization and certification is similar to the American Meteorological Society's awarding of the AMS seal of approval for media weather anchors. The AMS seal of approval is now the standard in a news department. Today, television weather professionals are certified by the AMS and are known to be accurate in their understanding of the National Weather Service's charts and maps. We now know how critical and life saving this media work can be.

The same is true for veterinary medical advice. Far too many self-proclaimed animal "experts" deliver inappropriate advice and patently wrong information that can be harmful to animals and people. Often these media contributors proclaim themselves to be "experts" without any formal training.

ASVJ certifies any animal health professional that holds themselves out to the public via electronic or print media. This certification process will include an evaluation of the candidate's credentials, previous media work and an examination to determine the candidate's understanding of the media through which they desire to communicate.

ASVJ's Board of Certification will evaluate all appropriate applications, make a determination as to the applicant's background, education and media qualifications, and then award or deny an annually renewable ASVJ certification. The ASVJ's seal of approval will give the public, media producers and editors confidence that the contribution is scientifically correct and delivered by a competent veterinary journalist.

Each year the certified member must renew their membership by paying dues and producing copies of media work only if requested by the Board of Certification. Then every third year the certified member must renew their certification by paying dues and be re-certified by producing three examples of their work.

ASVJ is promoted to media producers and editors who will be encouraged to use only veterinary contributors who are members of the ASVJ. Over time this certification will become the gold standard for veterinary medical media contributors. This certification will be the gold standard for veterinary media contributors. Print editors, television and radio producers, news directors and web masters will expect this certification in those who contribute to their media.

The American Society of Veterinary Journalists is a 501 (c) (6) organization.

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Mission Statement

The American Society of Veterinary Journalists is an organization of veterinarians, allied animal health professionals, students and media professionals that provides certification of competency, quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of veterinary journalists worldwide.

ASVJ is committed to the following:

CERTIFYING journalists for competency in researching, writing and reporting concepts in veterinary medicine in print, broadcast and online media;

FURTHERING the awareness and education of both the media and the public with excellence in media communications;

FOSTERING an exemplary group of veterinary medical professionals that honors outstanding achievements by veterinary journalists and exemplary achievement in the media industry as a whole, especially when it comes to coverage of veterinary medicine and animal welfare;

WORKING with veterinary colleges and veterinary medical associations to identify and encourage veterinary students and practicing veterinarians to become journalists;

PROVIDING educational and prepared media resources to both the media and veterinary medical profession;

INCREASING the number of veterinarians as contributing journalists in all types of mass communications.

Who Joins?

From newspapers to television to radio and online journalism, ASVJ members come from a wide variety of specialties:

  • Veterinary Contributors to Local News
  • Members of State VMA PR Committees
  • State and National VMA Leadership
  • Educators
  • Veterinary Students
  • Industry Professionals
  • Producers
  • Anchors
  • Radio Hosts
  • Online Editors
  • Freelancers
  • Media and Public Relations Specialists
  • Retired Veterinarians and Journalists