Veterinary News Network (VNN) is a national network of veterinarians and selected media journalists who use VNN's multi-media resources to broadcast local news stories about current issues and advances in animal medicine.

The network provides a highly professional source of newsworthy television, radio, print and web-based stories for use by our members. There are two types of VNN members. Our first priority is Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who have, or wish to have, positions as specialty contributors in any media outlet including online publishing. These veterinary reporters are the core of the network and have a responsibility to the public, the media and the veterinary community. Secondly, medical and specialty reporter or interested animal health professional may apply for membership in the network.

Each veterinary member develops their own relationship with media and is completely independent. VNN serves simply as a resource of stories, broadcast quality video tools, radio show talking points and print or web-based columns, vblogs and ideas to enhance the quality of veterinary reporting nationwide.

Visit VNN's website at to learn more.