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ASVJ was formed primarily for you. When inviting a guest or regular contributor to your program or publication, you should know their real qualifications. All too often, people with little or no formal education represent themselves as "experts." This even occurs in the field of veterinary medicine or pet care. While it is clear that a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) has sufficient medical and professional qualifications for a pet care story, others who have little or no such background may approach you as a "pet expert" and offer your audience information on medical topics. That can be disastrous for your audience and even violate state practice acts.

This is not a rare occurrence. Every day, hundreds of animal trainers, dog whisperers, pet psychics and well-intentioned pet owners are hired as regular columnists, news contributors and web experts yet have no formal training to address veterinary medical issues. While performing a segment on an animal training or behavioral topic, the advice may quickly cross the line into medicine. False, misleading and unsubstantiated information could be delivered to your audience.

Additionally, not every person who has invested the post-graduate years to obtain a DVM degree is a media-savvy communicator. That special combination of education AND medical practice experience PLUS understanding and delivering the media talents you need is a very special combination indeed.

ASVJ certifies veterinarians and affiliated animal health professionals so you can rely on their knowledge and ability to deliver what you need for your program or story. Certification is done by a board of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine AND full time media producers who are also experienced radio, television, print and internet media professionals. ASVJ certified members must abide by a strict set of by-laws and a code of ethics as well as follow guidelines for the use of the ASVJ Seal of Approval.

When you use an ASVJ certified journalist for your program or story, you can be assured that an educated, media-savvy animal health professional will give your audience competent veterinary medical advice and will also be the type of guest or contributor you can count on.

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