Certification Process

Certification with ASVJ is open to four types of members. All must be approved by our Board of Certification.

First are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM's) who are active in the media and wish to display their membership in ASVJ to members of the media and the public. Secondly are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who support the mission of ASVJ but are not active in media. An example would be leaders of state or national veterinary medical organizations.

ASVJ may also certify journalists who are not veterinarians. The animal health industry enjoys many non-veterinarians who are outstanding in their study, research and production of educational material in a public media setting. Our third category is a non-veterinarian who is active in ethical and trustworthy veterinary medical education of the public. Finally, we certify non-veterinarians who are not actively contributing to media but who are strongly supportive of both the mission of ASVJ and deeply committed public education. An example would be public relations professionals and staff of veterinary medical associations.

Four types of Members:

  1. Doctors of Veterinary Medicine active in public media
  2. Doctors of Veterinary Medicine supportive of ASVJ's mission.
  3. Non-veterinarians active in public media
  4. Non-veterinarians supportive of ASVJ's mission

Anyone interested in ASVJ certification must apply. For those who are active in media and wish to display the Seal of Certification must submit an application fee of $210, which covers the cost of the Board of Certification's review of media work and decisions. Once accepted, they must pay normal annual dues. Applicants not active in public media may apply and pay only annual membership dues.

Active media applicants must send three examples of their work in public media. Examples of media work may include print material, audio CD, television DVD, or a web link to either internet publishing or broadcast work. (Physical address for sending materials is listed below.)

All work will be reviewed by the Board of Certification within 60 days, and an assessment will then be made as to qualification for membership in ASVJ. An acceptance or denial will be issued at that time.

Upon acceptance, all new members will pay the annual membership dues of $95.00 by online payment within 30 days. A letter of acceptance and authorization to use ASVJ logo and Seal of Certification will then be issued. Both the logo and the Seal must be used in accordance with the use standards. In addition, the new member may also use the title of "Certified Veterinary Journalist" and the letters CVJ where appropriate. Please refer to the guidelines for use of ASVJ seal, logo and certification degree.

If membership is denied, the applicant will receive a critique of the work submitted. Re-application may be made no sooner than six months from date of denial.

All memberships are renewed at the end of each calendar year, on December 31st. On that date, regardless of acceptance date, all accepted applicants pay annual dues of $95.00 for either membership type. The one provision made is for those accepted into the association in the last quarter of the year. For these individuals, the membership fee is $25.00. The following year's membership dues are then due in full by December 31st.

Each year, the certified member must renew their membership by paying dues and producing copies of media work only if requested by the Board of Certification. Then, every third year, the certified member must renew their certification by paying dues and be re-certified by producing three examples of their work.

Submission Address: ASVJ, 11605 Meridian Mkt. View, Unit 124, PMB 310, Falcon, CO 80831.

Email ASVJ at dr.jim@myvnn.com.