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  format: (555) 555-1234

The application fee is $210 and applies to all applicants regardless of category. The annual dues are $95.

Dues can be paid at the time of application, OR after you received notification of successful certification. You may not use the ASVJ logos until your first annual dues are paid.

The ASVJ annual date is the first day of each year. There is a 30 day period for you to pay the annual dues.

Please note: We no longer take credit card payments, we only accept checks mailed to the address below. All media submissions must be made in electronic form submitted by email to

If you have media that you would like to submit for consideration and this media is only available on a hard copy (either paper or CD / DVD), you may mail this media to the address shown along with your application and payment:

American Society of Veterinary Journalists
11605 Meridian Mkt. View
Unit 124, PMB 310
Falcon, Colorado 80831

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